Does Michael Tait Have Any Regrets About Being Single?

The short answer is, “Yes.” But the reasons why he thinks he’s still single are even more interesting and show us something important about relationships:

“Being single is not a choice for me… This is deep. I actually haven’t said this much on film, guys, so appreciate this. My one regret in life when I look back – I probably would have gotten married earlier. Gotten married period. And had some kids… I think I would have made a pretty good dad.”


“I look at both sides. You could be Paul and not have kids and not have a wife. I see myself as Paul right now, so to speak, but I would have much rather, in another mind life, been like, ‘Hey, you know what? Hey, I wanna have kids. Get married, have a couple kids, and pass on the Tait name, you know?’

The true, honest side? I’m pretty selfish. Because the flesh side of me says, ‘I want you when I want you and when I go do my own thing, I’m gonna do my own thing.’ So, that kind of attitude? Probably not health for a marriage.

I choose to live my life day-to-day. Stay in the Word. Married to the Word, married to Christ. If [a relationship] comes along, I’m not gonna fight it.”

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