Have You Seen This Amazing Live Performance from Hollyn?

What can’t you live without? Hollyn asked herself that question and out came this song.

When she performs live you can’t help but stop and listen because she sounds amazing and her lyrics are personal.  The song is called “Can’t Live Without.”


This song came from a time of refocusing for Hollyn. She says, “I was out on the west coast on a tour and I came back home. A lot of things happened out there in my mind and my heart and I was just kind of at this place of, “Ok, what can’t I live without?” If I had to choose something… do I want the music or do I want to make music like this or that? Or do I want to really focus on my relationships or this… and there was so much confusion in my heart.

And I kind of came to this place where… no matter what happens in my career, or this album, or my life, I can’t live without the love from my community and my God and the people who care the most about me and the people I love the most.”

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