How am I Supposed to Celebrate Christmas After Losing a Loved One? – Mark Schultz

“You know what? The tree’s up, the lights are up, but it’s a different kind of Christmas because my dad’s not here.”

Even though Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it can also be a struggle for families who have lost a loved one. Mark Schultz knows this all too well. He tells the story of his wife, her dad, their adorable Christmas traditions, and how the family worked through the Christmas season after he passed away.

Mark Schultz says:

“The whole idea behind the song is that at some time – at some point or another – we will all lose somebody who’s close to us and that first Christmas is a tough one to get through.

What we realized as the years have passed on is that even though that person is gone, their legacy still lives on. So, we try to pass that legacy down to his grandchildren – how he loved people, how he treated people, how he loved Christmas. And as it says in the song, just because you’re up in heaven doesn’t mean you’re not here. It’s just a different kind of Christmas this year.”

Watch Mark’s moving live performance in the WAY-FM studios.



Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mark! Thanks for sharing your heart and your music with us.

At a wedding with my wife’s family ? Beautiful night.

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