How to Stop Being Afraid – by Tenth Avenue North

We love how Mike Donehey, lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, isn’t afraid to dig deep and pack important truths from the Bible into their songs. He isn’t afraid to talk openly about fear. 

In his latest video diary, Mike tells us what he’s truly afraid of. He unpacks the truth in their latest song and tells us how he deals with these fears.


Mike says, “Fear is just the consequence of believing a lie. So why am I afraid? What lie am I listening to? What voice am I listening to?

…This is where Psalms 62:11-12 is really helpful, because it says, ‘Once you have spoken, oh Lord, but two things I’ve heard. That you, oh Lord, are strong and that you, oh Lord, are loving.’ Why do I need to hear both of those things? Well, because if I just hear that He’s loving… It tells me that God wants to help us, but doesn’t necessarily say that He can. And if I just hear that He’s strong and don’t hear that He’s loving, guess what? He’s able to help me, He’s able to rescue me, but how do I know that He wants to? But if we hear both… that calms the fear because it tells me that not only is He strong enough to do something, but that He’s loving enough to care and that He will. So, the next time the fear washes over you, I want you to ask yourself, what voice are you listening to?”

Here’s the song “Afraid” that will be featured on Tenth Avenue North’s new album “Follow” (out October 14.)


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