If Christmas Feels Strange This Year, You Need to Hear This Song.

Darren from We Are Messengers confesses that Christmas is a strange time for him, personally. It brings up lots of very opposite emotions – joy and happiness along with pain and sorrow.

So, how did that influence his music and writing? He’s putting the spotlight on a very specific and very significant part of the Christmas season that could be overlooked in all the hustle and bustle.


He says, “I wanted to write a record that would remind us that God’s with us and He is present with us in the good and in the bad, in the joy and in the sorrow. And I wanted to remind people that at Christmas time, even in the midst of all these lights and joyous occasions, that Christ has not abandoned you in your sorrow… He is very much with us… right now.”

That’s what Christmas is all about! Christ came to be with us.

Watch the live performance of We Are Messengers’ new Christmas song, “God With Us” and let the words sink in. It features Darren and his wife Heidi.

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