Matt Maher Illustrates the Beauty Found in Community

What happens when a friend challenges Matt Maher to take a classic song and breathe a fresh perspective into it? A beautiful new worship song called “Because He Lives” is born from true community.

Loosely based on the original song by Bill Gaither, Matt Maher and many fellow songwriters, musicians, and worshippers came together to create one of the newest songs your hearing on WAY-FM.

“I think that’s always been a big part of my ministry – is trying to unify the church and all these different kind of voices from different streams together. And this song just kind of continues that mission.” – Matt Maher

Hear Matt tell the whole story himself in this video.

“Everything we do as Christians comes after the fact of the resurrection.”

And what a beautiful fact it is.

Check out a full acoustic performance of “Because He Lives” in the video.

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