One Important Way to Pray Over Your Kids | Ben from Citizen Way

It’s no surprise to hear Ben Calhoun, lead singer of Citizen Way, talk about his growing and deep love for God’s Word. What you might not expect is the way that has impacted his prayers for his children.


He says, “I got interested in the Old Testament just because I thought it was cool! It’s really… true! … This is the actual living, breathing Jesus right here on the pages… and I get to have that everyday…

For me, in my household, my goal would be for my kids to love God’s Word and I pray for that outwardly. Last night I prayed for them. I said, “Girls, I hope… Lord, would you just put in their hearts a love for your Word like you did for me and my dad.” And the girls are like, “Amen!”

… I know it’s like, they’re little, but I know that that’s going to plant a seed for them someday.”

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