That’s What Christmas is All About

Ok. We’re getting to that crazy point in the Christmas season. The gifts aren’t wrapped yet, you’re scrambling to get things done at work before vacation, and you still have no idea what to get for Aunt Jane. Needless to say, things are flying by in fast forward and maybe it’s time to put Christmas back into perspective.

If you’re stress level is higher than your Christmas spirit, stop for a moment. Here are 3 Christmas songs filled with mind-blowing truth about Christmas. Take a few minutes to listen to these lyrics and let them sink in.

Here’s what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is the answer to a desperate world.

The lyrics Lauren Daigle sings are even more haunting and beautiful than her sound.


Christmas was a labor of love.

Andrew Peterson wrote this song talking about the beauty in spite of the harsh realities of that first Christmas.


Christmas is a time for genuine joy.

Just remembering how incredible the night Jesus was born… that’s a reason to bring you joy right now. Hear it from Sidewalk Prophets right here.


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