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Who’s the Best Christian Music Fan?

No doubt, we love our favorite Christian music artists, but have you ever gone all out to show your support?
Check out these fans – who had the coolest idea for supporting their favorite artist?
You decide! Scroll through the pictures and comment with your favorite.

1. The Creation of “Star Wars” Prophets

Given as a gift to the band Sidewalk Prophets – no doubt, this is pretty fantastic. Even if you’ve never seen Star Wars, check out the talent and time that went into this picture. If you are a Star Wars fan, you don’t need us to tell you how pure genius this is.

Star Wars Prophets



2. This girl who brought Matthew West a funnel cake

Lauren actually bought a funnel cake, brought it backstage at Creation Fest, and shared it with Matthew West. How thoughtful! And cool!

3. A meme of Plumb’s fashion statement

4. … A blanket with Brandon Heath’s face on it?

There’s really nothing else to say for this one.

5. Using vacation as a chance to promote Colton Dixon

What do you do with your vacation? Soak up some sun, relax, and promote our favorite artists, course?

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