The Top 5 Christian Songs Celebrating Love and Romance

Hey, Christians, let’s not be afraid to celebrate love and romance! It’s a God-given gift to reflect His love for us.

Here are 5 perfect songs for Valentines Day written by fellow believers in God AND marriage!

1. Jonny Diaz – “Thank God I Got Her”

This song came from a conversation with a buddy of his. “I was talking about all these things that confused me about my wife and at the end of the conversation I looked at him and said, ‘I might not get her, but thank God I got her!”


2. Grasyon|Reed – “Fight for You”

This husband-wife duo said, “I think so many of us think love is this ethereal, ‘out there’ emotion… What love really is, is waking up everyday and choosing somebody… Writing this song, it’s kind of this revelation for both of us…”


3. Britt Nicole – “Fallin in Love”

Britt knows Christ-centered marriages are so important! “We live in a world where you don’t see a lot of marriages last… As a believer, we should be talking about that as much as we can. About the love God has given us for our spouse and how we can make that last!”


4. Dave Barnes – “God Gave Me You”

You’ve heard this one on the radio! Dave says, It’s about and for my wife, Annie. It’s really a “Thank you” kind of a song. Because she’s awesome and has been, it wasn’t too hard to think of what to say!


5. tobyMac – “Made for Me”

tobyMac wrote this song about his wife. He says, “She plays a role in everything I write… She inspires me to love God more because she’s so in love with Him!”

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