Wally and Jason Gray Talk About the Biggest Lie in Christianity

Everything’s ok.

Except… sometimes it’s just not.

A lot of times, Christians want to encourage other believers through hard times. They just want to fix the problems, point out the silver lining, and tell us it’s ok. But this isn’t always the best or most honest way to handle hard times. The phrase, “Everything’s ok” is often a lie.

“I don’t think we do grieving very well. I don’t think we allow those around us to grieve very well… We feel ashamed of our pain. Which is weird, because, uh, when a person allows me into their pain, I feel honored. The pain is what God uses to draw deep wounds up to the surface so we can heal, ya know?”
Jason Gray

Jason Gray shared a song with Wally called “Not Right Now.” It’s a song about grieving – simply sharing each other’s pain and showing genuine love in spite of the situation.

“I think of Job. He’s gone through hell, then his friends have come over to comfort him and they actually make it worse, ya know, by trying to explain his pain, or, uh, tell him why it happened or why it’s his fault and stuff; offering scripture to him. And we do that. Whenever we do that, what we’re actually doing is, we are a rejecting the person’s pain. We’re saying, ‘Don’t be in pain. Don’t hurt. Be ok. Be encouraged’… and that doesn’t help them heal.”
– Jason Gray

We think Jason is on to something. When is the last time you simply loved on your friend in the middle of a hard time? Are you responding like Job’s friends or are you showing genuine love?

The song ended up meaning a lot to Wally. Maybe you can relate to it, too. Listen to the full conversation about grieving and the story behind the song right here. Then, listen to Jason perform “Not Right Now” in the studio. It’s a powerful song.

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