Watch NF Debunk Every Lie About Happiness You’ve Ever Heard

If you like rap and are into Lecrae’s music, then hold on to your hats. You’re going to love NF!

He’s relatively new to the music scene, but his music already packs a punch. Words fly out of his mouth with perfect rhythm, but they hold much more than just talent.

His website tells us that 23-year-old Nate Feuerstein, now known as artist NF, “draws from real life struggles, including being abused as a kid, struggling with anger issues, and losing his mother to a drug overdose.”

Heavy stuff, but wow, the result is powerful.

In one of his recent videos to the song, “Wake Up,” NF hits hard on what truly brings us happiness – and what leaves us feeling empty.


Hearing what NF has to say behind the scenes of this music video shoot is also telling. There’s a lot of sincerity in what he has to say.


NF says the video illustrates this idea: “Even someone who has everything that the world would describe as what makes you happy… sometimes, that doesn’t make you happy… the whole background behind the concept is two people who live completely different lives, but feel the same.”

Looking forward to hearing more from NF!

You can hear his song, “I’ll Keep On” on WAY NEW!


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