WAY-FM Artists Show YOU How to Beat the Cold Weather

Whether it’s 40 degrees or -17, your temperatures may be threatening to be colder than usual lately. We checked out what all our WAY-FM artists are doing in this weather and compiled a helpful list for you. Here are some ideas on how YOU can beat the cold weather!

1. Simply stay in bed.

Brandon Heath, you are a smart man. We were so confident his strategy would work, we were very tempted to try it this morning…

Stay in bed

A photo posted by Brandon Heath (@brandonheath) on

2. Go to Hawaii with your mom.

That’s real nice, Dave. Real nice for you. The rest of your band, Sidewalk Prophets, is probably a little jealous along with us.

3. Wander around in the woods making a new music video.

This would actually make you even more cold, but this video from Chris August looks like it will be good. He also looks like he might be cold. Comes out January 13th!

4. Post about it on Facebook.

Joy had to get out some frustration by sharing this funny meme on her Facebook page. We like it…

5. Stay inside and get crafty!

Look at this cute craft Jamie Grace created! If you want ideas on some activities to do with the kids, you can check out our Pinterest board.

Stay warm, friends!

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