What Happens When Michael Tait Doesn’t Want to Perform a Show?

“I’ve got to go onstage and sing ‘God’s Not Dead’ and, right now, I feel like God is as far from me as the planet Mars is.”

That’s Michael Tait talking. We all struggle. We’re all human. There are no exceptions.

What matters is how we deal with feeling far from God and how we remind ourselves of the truth. Michael opens up more in this video and has some cool things to say.


Michael goes on today, “It’s not based on a feeling. It’s based on knowledge… The Bible says… ‘In all they ways acknowledge Him and HE’ – not me – ‘make your path straight.’ So I can relax in that knowing that God is in control.”

Next time you’re struggling or you don’t “feel” God next to you, remember to acknowledge God and His truth. He’s got this.

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