When Hollyn Gets Excited, It’s Absolutely Adorable!

At first glance, Hollyn may look like any other 19-year-old girl driving home from a Grammy watching party, but this night was anything but ordinary for her.

Both this party and this drive remind us what cool things God is doing in her life! We started playing her song, “Alone,” on WAY-FM and when she heard it on the drive home that night, she had to stop and listen. She even gave us a shout out! (Thanks, girl!)

Hollyn is adorable when she’s excited. Need further proof? Check out her reaction when tobyMac’s “This is Not a Test” won his Grammy for Best Christian Contemporary Album of the Year! Hollyn was featured on the album and went on tour with him earlier this year.

Pretty cool. Excited to see what she does next!

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