Who Knew Being a Paramedic Would Make Ryan Stevenson a Great Songwriter?

This may surprise you, but before Ryan Stevenson was signed to a record label, he worked as a paramedic for 9 years! No, it wasn’t a coincidence. He looks back and sees how God used that job in his life to inspire honest lyrics like in his latest song, “Eye of the Storm.”


He says, “Before I got signed, I spent almost 9 years as a paramedic. That job really changed my life, just from witnessing the traumatic events that people are going through… I feel like I walked away from that job with a revelation that the one thing that unifies us all as people is… we all go through storms… The constant is the the hope… which is Jesus and his ultimate control no matter what it looks like…

He’s paying attention to our lives and our only hope is to trust Him, knowing that in them middle of the storm, He is in control.”



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