Why is the Phrase “Let There Be Light” so Important to Hillsong?

This song isn’t about wanting God to win. Because He already has. That’s the heartbeat of “Let There Be Light.” The new song from Hillsong Worship.

Check out this lovely acoustic performance and interview with the songwriters, including Joel Houston.


Here’s what Joel was thinking about when asked to help write the song “Let There Be Light:”

“If we could just understand that… God is – He is light. In John 1… It talks about the light at the beginning that was spoken at the very start. The light of God that was wrapped in dirt and torn open on the cross. And that light then gave light to the whole world…

When we say ‘let there be light’ it’s not, like… ‘let God win’ because He’s already won… The light of Jesus Christ and what He established now needs to be the light that shines… through the church.”


lettherebelightCheck out Hillsong Worship’s new album, “Let There Be Light” here!





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