Why TobyMac is Asking Someone Else to Take the Spotlight

“Dad, why would you be asking someone to steal your show?”
– tobyMac’s son, Judah

Maybe you were wondering the same thing the first time you heard the title to tobyMac’s song, “Steal My Show.” Toby had to explain the idea behind his song to his 5 year old son, Judah, one night. He share the story with us right here in this short video.

We love Toby’s heart behind this song. We want to God to be smack-dab in the middle of every part of our lives and work in ways that only He can. The story of us should be about Christ. You won’t regret it!

Ask yourself: Are you willing to let God take the spotlight in your life?

Check out the song for yourself in the official lyric video to “Steal My Show.”

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