You Will Love Lauren Daigle’s Powerful New Song

Lauren Daigle not only wowed us with her powerful voice over the past year, but also with the sincerity and incredible truth of her lyrics in “How Can It Be.”

Her new song, “First,” is no exception. The song expresses the desire and purpose behind seeking Christ first in every part of our lives.


Behind the Scenes

The new lyric video, directed by Dan Martinie, uses objects and stop-motion to express the same emotion. He told us about the idea behind the video and it’s really cool.

The whole idea of the video was to use objects that symbolize desires in our lives that, if not kept in check, can become idols. One example is make-up and jewelry, which aren’t evil on their own, but vanity and physical appearance has a tendency to quickly overrun our hearts and pull us from our worship of the Lord. Other objects used were: books – symbolizing studies and career, wedding ring – the desire to be married, microphone – the desire for fame, etc.”

None of these objects at face value are harmfull, but when we make them our first priority, they tend to swell up into a huge mountain and overtake our lives. Eventually, houses not built on the rock of Christ will crumble and fall…which we see in the first verse of First.”

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