You’ll Love How This Guy is Reaching People with Christ’s Love

Matty Mullins is one of the sweetest and most genuine guys you’ll meet. That’s why it’s a little surprising when you realize he’s the lead singer of a heavy metal band called Memphis May Fire.

He grew up listening to Christian radio with his family, who continue to be a huge encouragement to him spiritually.

With the release of his new solo album of Christian music and his continued tours with the band, he’s one of the most interesting people to ask about the power of music, the best way to share the gospel, and how he has stayed so grounded in his faith while lighting up the mainstream music scene.


Matty’s influence on young lives throughout the metal music scene is huge. If he retweets you on Twitter, expect lots of interaction, because his fans are dedicated. The band’s music has clearly brought significant hope to an often un-reached group of young people.

My favorite part of the interview had to be his response to fans who tell him Memphis May Fire inspired them to stop self-harming or helped them live another day. He says, “I’m really thankful it seems like my music did that for you, but it’s the God who inspired my music who really did that for you.” 

That’s meeting people on their level. That’s using your gifts and sphere of influence for Christ’s glory.

It’s inspiring!

You can hear Matty’s new Christian radio single called “99 Percent Soul” on WAY NEW! 

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