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Need some words that are guaranteed to make you sound cooler? Read through them and vote for the one you think we can all get to actually catch on. Take it to the next level by using the word in a tweet. Use #wallyshow and we’ll compile the best tweets.


  • Gerber Ganging (v.): When you can’t get past moms with strollers at the mall. “I am so sorry I was late meeting you at Sabarro, but two women were Gerber Ganging me ever since Abercrombie.”
  • Bingied (v.): Past tense, shortened formof binge watch. “I realized I have no life because I bingied Sherlock on Netflix all weekend.
  • Hat Meese (adj.): Derivative of hot mess; person with problems who should not really have them. “That girl would have to improve just to be a hot mess, she is a hat meese.”
  • Drama-Kazi (n.): Friends who do nothing but cause drama in your life. “I don’t think I overreacted at all to the incident with Matt Maher, he is such a drama-kazi.”
  • Lame Shaming (v.): Creating different, unnecessary versions of phrases like fat-shaming and body-shaming. “I see you staring at my feet. Do not big-toe-shame me!”
  • Snuggie (n.): Needy guy who always sneaks up and steals a hug. “Simon just hugged my mom for no reason. He is such a creepy snuggle.”


  • Funinformed (adj.): A person who gets all their news from social media. “He thought that Wisconsin wasn’t a real state because he saw a satirical article on Facebook. He’s so funinformed.”
  • Petris (n.): The art of fitting all of your pets onto your bed. “I didn’t sleep very well last night because of the dog. I definitely lost that round of petris.”
  • Lurking Out (v.): When you devote time in your day for the exercise of stalking others online. “She’s being especially gossipy! She must’ve been lurking out.”
  • FOFI (n.): As FOMO is the “Fear Of Missing Out,” FOFI is the “Fear Of Forced Interaction” for the introvert in your life. “I do NOT want to go to that party tonight. I’m struggling with a serious case of FOFI.”


  • Digavoid (v.): When you use your digital device to avoid human interaction. “Don’t think you can just digavoid me. We don’t even have reception here.”
  • Deviving (v.): Using your mobile device while driving. “Studies are showing that deviving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.”
  • Artisinormal (adj.): Items labeled Artisanal that are actually no different than the normal items. “Why did I pay so much extra for this artisinormal fire wood?”
  • Blingeezer (n.): An older person who’s wearing way too much jewelry. “Some people think Wally’s a blingeezer with all of his rattling jewelry, and they’re right.”

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