It doesn’t take much to be kind.

Last year, we were inspired by 11-year-old Ruben’s #ElPasoChallenge, and we thought it was a good time to bring this back.

With so many people feeling isolated, afraid, and alone, here are 20 easy ways you can be kind and make a difference. 

It seems so simple, but we typically don’t say it enough! Even if you’re just thanking someone for something they do every day, it’ll still mean so much.

Loving people you like may be easy. But loving your enemies can sometimes feel impossible! We forget, though, that our “enemies” are people that have their own hurt.

We love us some drive-thru difference! Pay for the person behind you in line today. Bonus: give a note to the cashier to pass on to them that explains why you’re doing it.

It may only be a dollar, but found money is the best! The person who finds it will be able to taste the kindness as they sip on their Coke.

Maybe there’s someone in your neighborhood that has a new baby or an insanely busy schedule. Continue the mowing of your lawn right into theirs.

Sometimes kindness goes out the window the second we get behind the wheel. Yes, they probably should’ve gotten over sooner. Let them in any way. It won’t delay your commute, but it may improve theirs.

…and bookmark a specific verse with a note on why it means something to you. By the way, did you know that we give out free Bibles?

for a family in need or help stock a classroom for a teacher that has to pay for supplies with his or her own money.

It could be a sticky note on a public bathroom mirror or a note on someone’s windshield with a simple message that says, “You matter.” You may not get to see their reaction, but it could be exactly what they need to hear.

You don’t have to know the person to give at least a couple bucks toward someone who needs it.

Have you ever had your day made just because someone took the time to say, “Hey, girl! I love your shoes!” Try to do that for someone else.

Make it a part of your eating out budget this month to bless someone else.

No, you don’t need superpowers for this one! One caller called it the “look and linger:” spend more time actually seeing people as you go through your day. Who are the least of these that you’re encountering on a daily basis, and how can you help them?

A coffee on their desk could lead to a beautiful friendship!

Contact your local elementary school and see if there are any debts on a student’s account. Even if you can’t pay the entire thing, you could help alleviate some stress for a family who is struggling to make ends meet.

Pray for God to give you an opportunity to be kind, and then say yes to the next thing that comes your way.

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