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We liked this article on The 5 People You Should Never Marry, but we thought a few more people should be added to the list.

1.  Miss DIY

Avoid a lady who always has a project going on, because sooner or later she will run out of projects and you will be the only thing left in the house in need of some fixin’.

2. Miss Keeping up with the Kadashians

If she wants to live like a Kardashian, you can live without her.  You may want to give her a big house but ultimately you will only end up in the poor house.

3. The Waiter Hater

You can judge a lot about a person’s character by how they treat the people who are serving them. If they are rude to their server, if they are impossible to please, if they are not generous with their tips, they will treat you with the same disrespect.

4. The Cologne Bather

If a cloud of perfume follows him wherever he goes like dust follows Pigpen, you should probably think twice about taking him on a date. Not only is he a hazard to those around him and the environment, he also could have some questionable hygiene practices.

5. The Stage Five Clinger

Avoid someone who wants to know where you are at all times: someone that keeps tabs on you and texts you nonstop and if you don’t text back in under 30 seconds, you will get a another text asking if you’re ok or if you are mad at them. They suffocate you.


Run from the person who takes life way too seriously. If an hour long lecture on the obesity epidemic follows the question, “What would you like for dinner?” get out before that constant storm cloud around his or her head bursts.

7. The I’m Dating Jesus Girl

Hear me out, not that being a sold-out believer is bad, but you will never live up to her last boyfriend.

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