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If you ever feel the need to be loved just visit a Compassion project in Honduras. We were greeted with huge hugs and even bigger smiles.

Jesus wall
A simple sign on their wall serves as a constant reminder to these kids that they are loved by God, even when the world around them is not so pretty.

honduras bw house

When was the last time you were simply thankful To God for one more day of life. Could you feel that way if you shared a one room house with seven people and didn’t get three meals each day?

Our morning started off with a prayer of gratitude from a pastor that loves on these kids and reminded them that God is their provider.

honduras pray sing diptic

That was followed by a chorus of kids singing with an out of tune guitar, but it was still one of the most beautiful worship songs I have ever heard, because it was worship in it’s purest form.


Hondurus Compassion medium bannerEvery time I travel with Compassion I always meet one kid on the trip that I will never forget. This trip has been different because I met two, Franklin and Caesar.

Both of these kids are amazing and both have sponsors. Sadly, Franklin’s sponsor has never written him. I truly hope his sponsor somehow sees this and will get involved in his life.

Then, you have Caesar, His story is different. He knows his sponsor and his sponsor knows him. I asked him what is the most important thing His sponsor has told him.

What is so amazing about Caesar is he is a hard worker. He wants to be an engineer, and I know he is going to make it. Caesar gets up at 4am to sell news papers to help his family, then goes to the Compassion project at 8am and then does school in the afternoon. Meeting Caesar has inspired me and cured me from ever complaining about my work load again.

Perhaps the coolest God moment of the day was getting to see how living out our faith in tangible ways strengthens other people’s faith.

Home Visits Day2_2

When we visit people’s homes with Compassion we always bring food. It is something that sadly is in short supply here. We met this mom and her two sons. She was facing one of every mother’s worst fears, she had one can of food left to feed her kids and that was it.

Home Visits Day2_3

That is a situation that most of us, thank the Lord, will never face. She told us she was scared and was praying that God would somehow provide. What she didn’t know was, God already had a plan to provide for her in motion.

She didn’t know that we came with a bag of food that would feed her and her kids. It was a great reminder of how we never know when we are going to be the answer to someone’s prayer, but we never feel that blessing or bless that person if we do nothing. Dare to Care and be that answer to prayer for another mom and her children.

Hondurus Compassion banner

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