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E-Mess-smileyHey Wally,
As a guy who has been all over the radio industry, I was wondering, in your professional opinion, why most of Christian and/or Family Radio is so cheesy?

You guys really do have a unique show and station as it is the least cheesy Christian station I have ever heard. You have an almost cheese free show which is amazing.

I know that fact turns a few people off but that may be because some people have been stuck in the Christian ghetto subculture so long they wouldn’t know a good show if it hit them in the face.

For 3 and a half years I did a “clean” radio show in college blending both secular and christian music. My goal was to provide music and a show that was way better than anything I heard at the time. Granted this was only college radio and I had fun playing music I like to the guys in county jail. Our only listeners I think.

So back to my original question. Why is most Christian Radio so Cheesy? How can it be fixed and should it?

Thanks for listening, keep up the good work and please play less Tomlin.

Wally-E-Mess-iconFirst off thank you and secondly it is so cheesy because you have to have really thick skin and a company to put up with all the initial push back. I was hated here for years because humor is the hardest thing to do in this format because it is so subjective and many people who listen to this format have no sense of humor. Thanks so much for getting what we are trying to do with the show.




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