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A few weeks ago, your show started off with a five minute complaint about the horrible service you were given by an India-based retail company. Afterward, you told your listeners to call in and tell you about instances where they have been ripped off by companies. God says through the Bible we need to do everything without complaining or arguing. I admit I did not listen to the rest of your show, so I cannot for sure say “this did not end up glorifying God,” but it seemed as though you were encouraging sin.

As a part of your story, you said, about the man you had been talking to, “Can you at least be honest with me for a minute and give yourself even the smallest chance of not going to hell?” and your co-host laughed. That was a joke? You and I were going to hell and eternal damnation if it weren’t for Jesus’ crucifixion. Why on Earth would you joke about something we all deserve. You acted as though you thought the Indian man was the only one who did deserve hell. You and I do not deserve God’s love, but we receive his mercies every day. Love as you are loved.

If I have completely misunderstood any of your actions, please accept my apology and disregard this email.

Wally-E-Mess-iconIt would probably be best for you to find something else to listen too. I am not perfect and I talk about that. The Bible says you will get angry but in your anger don’t sin. I don’t think I sinned at all. I told people they could do what they want but I would not do business with that company. If you want to get really super religious, you could even argue I was trying to help people be good stewards of the money God has given them, by helping them not get swindled.

There are plenty of Christian stations who are not real and will never let you see their faults. That would probably be a better fit for you. I was being facetious about the salvation thing. I am well aware none of us deserve salvation. That is the part of my show you have to use your brain for and realize that is satire.

Take care



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