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I am new at all this Christian stuff, but anyway I’ve been going to church trying to find a home, but as I have been going to church, I have been approached by different people telling me how I need to be respectful of the house of God.

They say I need to dress properly. They tell me how I need to wear a suit and a tie. They even tell me some Bible verses but I really do not remember which ones because I did not really pay attention to what they were telling me at that point. My understanding was that God cares more about your heart and personal relationship than your outward appearance.

So I was just wondering if you can give me advice on this topic or were to look in the Bible about this. I am really new to all this and I just want to follow Jesus now that I met Him but I do not know how to begin.


Wally-E-Mess-iconIt is funny but you already seem to know more about God then the people telling you to wear a suit.  God doesn’t look at our outside he looks at our hearts. He is less concerned about what we look like and more concerned about who we are becoming on the inside.

I honestly would look for a church that doesn’t make suits a priority, and one that wants people who love Jesus in their doors not matter what they look like. Your situation is what happens when people stop focusing on the relationship with God and put more focus on the “rules” of religion.

Now I would not show up in clothes that don’t align with the things of God. I would avoid clothes with phrases that might be counter to God or things that were not modest or distracting to others in the house of God, because having respect for God in a church is a good thing. However, if we are talking people equating wearing shorts to church as a sin, I don’t subscribe to that at all.

You are there, that is what is most important, they need to remember that. Plus you are there to meet God not impress others with your clothes.  That is just my two…




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