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I’d like to get some Clarification about something you said on the radio . You stated that you don’t want a political figure in office like wiener and though I agree with it I think we would disagree about the “why” part. Your words were because if they cheat on their spouse, they will cheat on you, on their taxes…

So are you saying once a cheater, always a cheater? I’m not going to tell you what that sounds like because I think you already know. In our historical and biblical past there have been many men and women that have done great things with sketchy pasts. Our hearts define us but only God knows our hearts. It’s easy to judge someone for something you would never do, but have you ever done anything wrong? Christians are not very forgiving and not very different then the secular population. Same percentage of divorce and adultery. But yet an adulterer can not be trusted?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about wiener, I don’t care about wiener. I’m talking about you and me and other Christians that are like you. I am a Christian if you wondered. People know I’m a Christian by the way I speak and how I love my God, and I love much, because I was forgiven MUCH.  But you wouldn’t vote for me, you wouldn’t follow me, you wouldn’t be my friend. You wouldn’t have followed David, or any other Great leader with a sketchy past would you?


Obviously this struck a nerve with you which was not my intention.  I too have made a million mistakes in my life and I believe God does forgive us.  I am not talking about this in a judgmental “I am a perfect Christian way” I am saying that our leaders should also be moral people regardless of faith. I am not making this a Christian non Christian thing.  I am saying Public officials should have morality clauses because infidelity is a character flaw and I do believe if people will cheat on their spouse odds are there are other areas they will blur as well.  This isn’t about making someone believe like I believe or forcing them to adhere to Christian standards, this is about finding people of character regardless of their faith to lead us as elected officials.

I believe pastors who fall can be restored just like David was.  However, there has to be repentance on their part and accountability to the body that governs them.  In the case of Anthony Wiener he demonstrated neither of those two things.  I don’t think he should have been elected and was thrilled he wasn’t.

I will say that I find it funny you feel I was being judgmental of people because of my opinion of their words or deeds yet you made judgements and assumptions about the kind of person I am based on your perception of something I said.  So, I guess in the end we are not that different and can still be friends:)





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