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I’ve realized you can’t change people’s minds. There is no convincing people.

I’ve tried witnessing to a friend to no effect. I’ve tried being a good Christian example to no effect. I’ve studied hard to make sure my beliefs line up with the Bible so I can talk to other Christians who might have the wrong ideas about the Bible or the wrong opinion about God… and all that still to no effect.

We’re always told in church that we need to go out and change the world and make a difference. But how are we supposed to do that if the world won’t change?

I had big plans on what I wanted to do to serve God after I graduate, but now I’m thinking what’s the point? I’m never going to be able to convince people about God and the truth of the Bible.

Wally-E-Mess-iconThe crazy thing is it is not your job to convince them. God never said that. He said it was you job to tell them. We don’t save people or change them, only God can do that. We tell them who Jesus is and why they need him, but after that they have to ultimately decide for themselves. That is the whole point of free will.

I know it can be frustrating when people don’t get what seems so natural to you, but people come around in their own time. You might never know the difference something you said today will make in someone’s life years from now.

So don’t give up. Tell them and certainly don’t let it stop your passion for God. If you remember there was someone else, Jesus, who told people exactly who He was and they missed it. So really, you are in good company. Keep the faith and keep sharing yours.



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