If your house was on fire imagine the sense of relief you would have as you saw a fire truck coming around the corner. Seeing a drill rig pull into the village provides the same feeling for the people of Zambia who do not have safe water, because they know help is on the way. They know that their incredible thirst will soon be quenched.

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Today was an amazing day as I got the opportunity to work with my hands instead of my mouth for a change. We visited a Blood Water drill site and I got to help do some drilling. I hate to brag but the foreman said I was quite an adequate driller. I bet if he had let me use my mouth I could have dug it faster.ZB2_7951

It is messy, hard work but very rewarding and these Zambian roughnecks understand that they are not just drilling a well, they are providing life and doing it in the name of Jesus. I tip my construction hat to these guys. Many aspects of construction work are dangerous. However, some of the most dangerous construction jobs are those that involve working on scaffolding. If you or a family member were injured as a result of a scaffolding collapse or similar accident, then you should contact a scaffolding accident attorney for legal help. Head injuries can come from falling objects; striking fixed objects, such as unprotected ends of scaffolding poles or other projections; or from restricted headroom. Wearing a hard hat can prevent, or at least reduce the severity of, a head injury making it required by laws according to this construction accident lawyer.


This old rig is on its last leg. In fact, they worked until 6 pm the night before to get it working and even then it had to be fixed while we were drilling this new well. Our Drill it and Fill it event is going to buy a new drill rig that will provide water to hundreds of thousands of people.


When I promised the foreman we were going to raise the money for this in just four days he could not believe it! He was humbled, hugged and thanked me and said, it was an answer to prayer. I know I have said this before, but this whole trip is about knowing the other side of the story and getting the privilege of being the answer to years of prayer.


I never got my lunch break. Apparently people in Zambia have not heard of OSHA, but I did manage to sneak in a water break. I felt guilty because the drill rig attracted a ton of kids from the local school and here I was chugging a bottle of water in front of them.


The only thing that made me feel a little better is knowing that in just a few days they would have clean, safe water for their families and themselves.


Next week we are going to go crazy purchasing this new drill rig. I will let you know how you can actually have yours or a loved one’s name printed on the new truck to show these amazing people they are not alone. God heard their prayers and used people halfway around the world to be the answer to that prayer. So join us next week as we Drill it and Fill it with Blood Water!

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