Starting a new year makes us take stock of all the times Wally made us laugh… or roll our eyes.

Here are the Top 5 most memorable Wally moments of 2015:

5. Everyone trying to draw Betty

This started as a fun way to mess with Betty Rock, but it just turned into Zach showing off.

Bekah-draws-Betty Zach-draws-Betty Wally-draws-Betty

4. Anna!

Zach’s daughter Anna was born this year and we learned she shares his taste in music. Let’s face it – she’s way too adorable!


3. The time we gave Bekah a massive makeover

Clown-Bekah Bekah-Pharrell-hat bekah-make-over-dolly-pjtbekah-goth-make-over

2. The best April Fool’s Day ever

We spent a whole month scaring each other to make this awesome April Fools video. Bekah’s reactions are priceless!!


1. And of course… Cinco de Betty!


Did your favorite moment make the list? Comment below with some of the hilarious things we may have missed.

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