The $1K Christmas Save was a chance for you to help save someone’s Christmas by nominating them to win $1,000.

Our winner was Kim. Here’s her story:

Although I am having a difficult financial time right now and could use this blessing, I am writing on behalf of my best friend’s daughter.

Danielle gave birth to two twin girls. She wasn’t expecting this blessing, nor can she afford this blessing. The father, unfortunately, is a dead beat. Danielle lives in a “housing project”. She doesn’t have much at all.

She was recently told that she needs new car seats but cannot afford them. She has no family that can help and I put myself in further debt by buying her a stroller that she desperately needed.

I know there are so many people that are in need of this blessing and I know God will choose the right person to bless. I truly am asking for WAY-FM’s help by making Daniell’s Christmas joyful.

We were so excited to tell her Danielle was going to receive $1,000, and we had one more surprise in store.





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