We’ve always had a hard time paying attention in business meetings, so making up a game to play during them naturally evolved. Inspired by one of our favorite sports legends, Scott Sterling, we wrote down specific sayings from the video that Wally had to work into the conversation with our unknowing boss.

✅The cannon has fired!

✅Straight in the schnoz

✅Every excruciating detail captured in HD perfection

✅Like a mustache lion dragging a gazelle through the Serengeti

✅Bouncing like an infant school girl

✅Sweet butter crumpets!

✅A bold move for the manager

❌He has to look death in the eye and say “Take your best shot” to which death replies with punching him in the face over and over and over

❌Look at him begging for mercy

✅The man, the myth, the legend

✅His face is like a brick wall that can feel pain and cries a lot

✅The stretcher of glory

Wally was able to work in 10 of them out of 12! Here’s the original video of Scott Sterling in all his glory. Maybe you and your coworkers can have fun doing the same.

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