We had a chance to sit down with Mark Hall of Casting Crowns and talk about what happens when life gets real. Here are some of the things he shared. Check out the video below for the full, uncut conversation.

Being a youth pastor half my life, all my days are about making other people’s days better.  I’m going to get you through this, here’s a Scripture for it, I’m going to walk you through.

And then my doctor called and I remember thinking, “This is about to happen. I’m about to have that story I’ve been helping other people through.”

He said there’s a tumor in your kidney and it’s pretty much the size of your kidney and we’re going to have to get it out.

That really rocked me. It’s never been me before.

I’ve always been the guy that’s encouraged my students to not feel like they have to fix everything when they have a friend that’s hurting. A lot of times we’ll run from people that are hurting because we don’t know what to do. And we’ll avoid the person that really needs us when you should just go and be there for them. 

But on this side of it, I learned that when you’re hurting, you can’t run away either. God gave us the Church for a reason, because He knew we were going to need each other. So people are going to say goofy stuff and they’re going to try to fix it and do what they do, but the heart of it, I needed it.

There wasn’t really any new truth for me to learn, it was just walking in the truth that I already knew. A lot of times our friends that are hurting don’t really need a new sermon, they just need to know that you’re with them, that you love them. Sit with me, cry with me, just be here. You don’t have to fix it.



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