Photo Op is where Wally confiscates all of our phones and we’re held accountable for the last photo we took. Which photo do you like the best?

Photo Op 4-21-15

Top leftUsually Siri gets pretty close with Bekah’s reminders, but she has no idea what this first one is supposed to be.

Top rightWally took this picture of the audio board in our studio. It appears as if the Finger Nail bandit has left his, or her, calling card again. Gross.

Bottom left: Erin from Portland was visiting her parents and posted on Facebook that she was excited to discover they lived across the street from Zach. Zach and his wife and daughter (who refused to look at the camera) delivered her a cookie cake naming her the #1 fan in Portland.

Bottom rightWally is ensuring he earns his forthcoming Cinco de Betty torture by attacking Betty with a dangerous weapon.


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