Brittany’s Story:

As a child, I was sexually abused with abuse outside of that, and growing up, I struggled with depression. I felt like my self-value was so tainted and so broken.

When this song came out…I was driving down the road, and I actually had to pull over. I felt like God had been trying to reach me for so long, but I was so angry at God for allowing things to happen the way that they happened.

But this song and the  part that says, “Where you see broken beyond belief, I see something good in the making,” ministered  to me and it showed me that God was trying to mend that brokeness and make something beautiful.

I just sat there and cried the entire time. It was like God had reached out and was mending me as that song played.

Now, I’m able to use that and turn it into a ministry to help others.

Music has the incredible power to speak into our lives when we need it the most. The same song can reach different people in different ways, which is why we do Group Therapy.

Today, we heard stories of how Matthew West’s song “Mended” helped 3 different people see themselves the way that God sees them.

If you struggle with seeing yourself as “Mended,” and you’d like prayer, check out our prayer wall.

Prayer Wall


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