“I’m a terrible person.”  

That’s been the second thing on my mind for the better part of a week now. The first thing on my mind has been all of my own problems. 


I am the best of the best when it comes to throwing pity parties. Getting a cold before the trip? I better start feeling sorry for myself.  Uncomfortable airplane seats? I have the roughest life. My hair tie is too tight? How am I to survive!?

I know we all have those little annoyances in life that we blow out of proportion. I let them get the best of me time and time again. I dwell on them until it’s completely destroyed my attitude, and I just can’t imagine there being good in the world. 

It sounds dramatic, I know. The people around me get VIP invites to my pity parties, whether they want to attend or not (my husband is a saint), and I try my best to drag them down with me. I’m not admitting this because I’m proud of it. In fact, I feel a good dose of shame as I write this….especially after today.

Blood Water 2016 1

A Different Reality Check

We pulled up to a village in Rwanda made of huts and dirt roads, and I almost instantly snapped out of my pity party. But it wasn’t for the reason I expected….I didn’t snap out of it because I have so much while they have so little. In fact, it was the opposite. 

I have so little, and they have so much. They have so much joy. They have such big smiles. They have so many songs, dances, and all around genuine happiness. They have every right to complain, but they do the exact opposite. 

Blood Water 2016 2

Breaking up a pity party

Our lives are very different, but I wish mine looked more like theirs. No, I won’t be trading in my reliable tap water for a jerry can anytime soon, but I so desperately see the need to adjust my attitude to match theirs. It’s impossible to feel sorry for yourself when you’re around someone who exudes joy. I needed that lesson to not only change my perspective, but to hopefully pass that contagious joy on to someone else who needs it like I did today.

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