Global Axxess: Haiti One Year Later • Day 1

Today was our first day in Haiti and words are hard to come by.  Even after a year, the effects of the earthquake are still felt all over this city. 

Click here to look into the face of a child who desperately needs you.




Families are living in make shift tent cities where disease and safety are major concerns.


thousands and thousands of people here are still living in tents after the earthquake a year ago


The smoke stains on the side of the building are not from fire damage following the earthquake.  The gruesome truth is there were so many casualties that they did not have a great way to dispose of the bodies so they just burned them inside the buildings in which they were buried.


Right now in Haiti, this is the rule.


You can help be an exception to the rule.  These kids are in college but what is more amazing, is they all were sponsored as children.  The people that sponsored these kids changed their lives forever.  In this group we have a teacher, an agriculture sciences student and a social worker.  All of them want to use their education to help their families and their people.  4 out of 5 of these college kids were trapped and injured in collapsed buildings following the earthquake, but not even that kept them from continuing their education.  Joshua said the the letters of encouragement from his sponsor helped give him the strength to continue despite the almost insurmountable obstacles in front of him.  He said his sponsor told him just like Joshua in the Bible lead the Israelites he had had to lead his family. 


These people were all Compassion children and are now grown and going through college. We had dinner with them and got to hear how Compassion changed their lives.


The good news is there is hope.  When you sponsor a child for about a dollar a day you not only give them access to the things they need you also get to speak into their lives.  This is just one of the stacks of letters written by kids to their sponsors.  In the last three months 37,000 letters from children were mailed to their sponsors.


these are stacks of letters from kids about to be mailed to their sponsors


We are coming back next week and our goal is to get 1600 kids sponsored.  I know it is a big number but after coming here the reality is it is just a drop in the bucket.

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