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Thanks for checking out Total Axxess with Wally!

Total Axxess is a daily radio show heard on over 100 stations across the U.S. We offer syndication through FTP download or live satellite delivery. Contact Faron Dice (719-238-4932) with WAY Media Network Services for more information.

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Before becoming the host of Total Axxess, Wally worked at various rock stations, Radio Disney and one of the biggest alternative rock stations in the country, 99X, in Atlanta. Says Wally:

I am not a pastor or counselor. I am a guy who did mainstream radio shows for 13 years till God got a hold of me and brought me here. I am not perfect, and I definitely still have some edges. I am a person like you who is trying to consistently live out my faith on a daily basis.

Some days I succeed and some days I fail. I ask questions to start conversations and, other times, cause I honestly don’t know the answer. I realize this show is not for everybody, but it is for someone everyday. I have seen God use the serious as well as the silly things we do to change lives and that is the goal of this show.

The bottom line for me is…if you are the kind of person who hears the Bible verse, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” and you look for cover, instead of a rock, you’re going to love this show.




FTP delivery can load 20 fully produced, self-contained show bits into your system every day in less than an hour from airing live. We offer the tools to insert each break into your automation system automatically. Keep your music and your clock exactly as you like and sound like Wally is live from your station.

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