No more Artists on Total Axxess Until Franny Comes Back!

Wally and Franny

From the photo everything between Francesca Battistelli and me looks fine, but pictures can be deceiving.  I have heard from other artists friends of mine that she is upset with me for funny song I wrote for Britt Nicole to sing about Franny's Wedding. Let me be clear I love Franny and her music!  I would never intentionally hurt her.   I actually feel bad so I have decided I WILL NOT HAVE ANY MORE ARTISTS ON TOTAL AXXESS until Franny agrees to come on the show and let me make this right with her.

You can help get the word out.  Here is the contact info for Franny.  If you are a fan of hers or you like hearing from other artists on the show please reach out to her and encourage her to come on Total Axxess.

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