Operation H.E.R.O.S is Expanding!


We started off by sending care packages to Sgt. Koopman “Koop” a Total Axxess listener serving in Iraq. We are going to expand our operations to another Total Axxess soldier Sgt. Charles Howe. His unit is in a remote area and have very few of the basics, much less any of the comforts of home. Both Charles and Koop will distribute any packages you send to the guys in their units who need them most. Help us take care of our own.

What to send:

Hand written personal note.

itunes gift cards
snacks, chips, nuts, powdered drink mixes, jerky, gum, cookies and other stuff like that. (think of the things you consider a real treat)
books, Bibles, magazines,
flip flops

stationary so they can write loved ones back home.

normal personal hygiene stuff (Hand sanitizer, chap stick, Lotion, toothbrush, tooth paste)

Where to Send it:

SGT Koopman, Jeff
A Co. 1-128 IN
APO AE 09342


SGT Charles Howe (for troops)
D co. 4-6 Infantry, 4 BDE 1AD
FOB Garry Owen
APO, AE 09331

the post office has flat rate boxes already available to send to our
service men and women so I suggest picking up one of those first then
filling it. The cost of shipping is only around $11.00

Thanks so much for not forgetting those who give their lives in service to us.


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