Wally’s Worst Nightmare

The people at the local station here in Nashville know I don't like to be touched so they came up with the bright idea to have people come to the casting crowns show and take awkward photos with me…WE HAVE A WINNER!


Here are some more of my faves.

you almost can't see Intern Fluffy

in this one

7820_182422461214_37805151214_4373512_5331640_n 7820_182422476214_37805151214_4373514_2004439_n 7820_182422496214_37805151214_4373516_7852609_n 

Danielle and Katie actually hated

this more than me.     My daughter Haille (R) and her friend Abby (L)

7820_182422551214_37805151214_4373522_3313461_n 7820_182422441214_37805151214_4373509_4199513_n 

And this crazy lady went way too far…fortunately she's my wife


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