I remember seeing Jeff Goldblum in a commercial for apartments.com. Their slogan was “Change your apartment. Change the world.” I never quite understood that until recently.

I was stuck at a traffic light, completely alone, at 4:30 in the morning. This traffic light has some sort of personal vendetta against me. I know it sees me coming and waits till just the right time to change, so I miss it EVERY day.

So what does this have to do with apartments and Jeff Goldblum? Perspective. Changing your apartment might help you see things differently–thus inspiring you to change something in the world. Our perspective of a situation can have a profound impact on our lives. Looking at something through a different lens can take something that was negative in your life and turn it into something positive just by how you CHOOSE to view it.

They say information is power, but I would submit that our perspective of the given information is even more powerful. The situation is what it is. We give it context and meaning by the perspective we have as we look at the situation.

Back to the traffic light that hates me. I realized that I have a choice. I cannot control the traffic light that hates me, but I CAN control how I view it and react to it.

I know this traffic light is not earth shattering, but it shows on a small scale how a shift in perspective can change your attitude, your heart, or maybe even your world.

Before, when I pulled up to the light, I would get anxious or frustrated because I knew what was going to happen. So the other day I decided, instead of being angry, I would lean into the situation and choose to see how sitting there could be a positive thing. I started to view it as one last opportunity to breathe before getting busy at work. A chance to pray for something on my heart, or to just enjoy the moment of silence.

After getting so frustrated with this one stoplight that I ALWAYS GET STUCK AT, I decided to try to shift my perspective.

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The irony of this shift in my perspective is, now I actually get upset when I make the light.

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