There is a new movie out called Indivisible. While it is a serious movie about the stress that deployments take on soldiers and their families, we thought we would have a little fun first. So we did “Chaplains in Choppers Eating Churros” with Chaplain Darren Turner, the man whose life and service inspired the movie “Indivisible.”

Indivisible is the true story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner who went to Iraq to help minister to the soldiers he served with. But in the process, he almost lost his marriage and returned home angry and even questioning his own faith.

Even though Indivisible is a military movie, it is ultimately about the power of God and how He can restore a broken marriage.

In addition to finding out how Darren’s marriage started to unravel and was ultimately restored, I have always been curious about one big question. His initial reaction to it let me know that it was a tough question to answer….

Since serious subjects seem to go better with churros, click here to see the whole Chaplins in Choppers Eating Churros video. Plus, it may give you some ideas on how we can best serve our service men and women.

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