Sadly, Zach is leaving our family after nearly 13 years. He’s been promoted within WAY-FM, and while we’re THRILLED to still be able to see him every day, we’ll definitely miss him on the show since he is Finally Flying the Nest and moving to a different city.

As we said goodbye, we shared a few of our favorite Zach moments and even wrote some poems in his honor.

Wally’s Poem:

What can you say about Zach that hasn’t been said
Oh, here’s something: “Wow! That’s a small head.”

Your infectious laugh means you’ve never met a stranger
Who cares that Charlie Brown is your only doppelgänger?

You are moving from our studio upstairs to The Loft
But you’ll always be with us, cuz we can still hear your cough

Your laugh is infectious even though you still hate it
Your dad jokes are awesome….Your clothes: understated

You proudly wear Crocs like a renowned surgeon
And wax philosophical like a modern day Spurgeon

It’s been my great pleasure to call you a friend
Although I won’t miss being fact checked ad nauseam

Betty’s Poem:

I’ve known you for 13 years
You’ve been a good friend
You’ve been a great peer
I’ll miss your big laugh
I’ll miss your useless facts
I’ll even miss how you make Wally act
You’re part of our team, You’re part of our crew
We wouldn’t be where we are without you

Bekah’s Poem:

Zach, I can’t believe it’s your last day
Your wit and laugh will linger here always
And as we prepare to say, “Adios!”
Allow me to tell you the things I’ll miss most.

I’ll miss my favorite grammatical pal
Who knows who vs whom and his participles
When they say smarter than me over smarter than I
I’ll have no one around for a knowing side-eye

I’ll miss my very best sparring friend
We may disagree, but respect doesn’t end
And there were times when I didn’t fight fairly
So, yes, your daughter has hair. But….barely.

I’ll miss hanging with one of the best dads I know
Your videos playing as you stand there and glow
And while I’ll miss the constant Anna updates
I won’t miss the dad jokes that were at best, second rate.

I’m sure this poem has made you feel plenty awkward
As you hide your feelings behind Google, you nerd
But I had to share it, I hope you made it through
Because most of all, Zach, I’ll just miss you.

Gavin’s Poem:

Dear Zach
I hope you don’t want your job back
But if you do, too bad.
It’s out with the old and in with the new

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