Photo Op! What’s the Most Recent Photo on Your Phone?

Photo Op is where Wally confiscates our phones and checks out the last photo we took. Which photo do you like the best?

Top-Left: I was trying to have a conversation with a friend but Clem wouldn’t hear of it until she was part of the convo. -Betty
Top-Right: Ben Valois sent us this art of Wally! He even captured the absurd number of bracelets he wears!  -Bekah
Bottom-Left: Every renovation has some costs you do not expect. Mine was that my wife thought our old bathroom mirrors didn’t work with the new look. I was shocked at how much mirrors cost. Who do these mirrors think they are? Decorative throw pillows? -Wally
Bottom-RightFort Night with my daughter, Anna, was intense. -Zach

What’s the most recent photo on your phone? Post it in the comments! No cheating!


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