Photo Op is where Wally makes us send him the last photo we took on our phones and tell him the story behind it. Which photo do you like the best?

My wife bought a brand new Bronco and we were excited to take it on a road trip to Florida.  Along the way we noticed a rattle that we could not get rid of, and it drove us crazy for hundred’s of miles.  Out of desperation I came up with the idea to cram a hotel room key beneath the monitor and Voila! No more rattle.  I still have not taken it out.

My wife’s work Christmas party said to dress “business casual.” My friend and I were the only ones who leaned into the casual side with our Christmas sweaters. #noregrets

I’ve discovered a new passion/talent/side hustle. I bought all the things I needed to do an at home dip nail manicure to save money. Turns out, I can do it! Schedule your appointments now.

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