Photo Op is where Wally makes us send him the last photo we took on our phones. Which photo do you like the best?



Betty: Because I wouldn’t show Wally the attention he wanted at the time, he took a pen and put a mark on the back of my neck. It’s like I’m working with a toddler!





Bekah: When my husband Joey came home from a recent hospital stay, I made a welcome home sign out of the daily Coronavirus screening stickers they gave me. When he was re-admitted, I had to get creative and add some exclamation marks and hearts. 




Gavin: My wife decided that she wanted to embrace the Christmas spirit super early this year. To make up for how early it is, she did decorate it for Halloween, though. 




Wally:This was a little doodle my daughter’s grandfather would put on all the cards he sent her. This one was actually the last one he sent her before he passed away. She told me she wanted to remember him by having it done as a (hopefully small) tattoo.



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