The reality TV show Selling Sunset pretty much embodies the worst of what living a life of privilege and excess looks like.  Recently, I walked through the streets of the Mathare slum in Kenya.  This place could not be a starker contrast to the life of the rich and famous.

How would you advertise a house in the Mathare slum if it was being listed on Selling Slum-Set.  Would you call the 100 sq ft., 1 room house shared by 8 people, cozy?  Would you say the house constructed out of salvaged tin and plastic is a “fixer upper”. Or because of the garbage in the street, highlight that there is no HOA? I would like to be your realtor and take you on a showing of the Mathare slum.

To help a child living in unbelievable poverty like the Mathare slum, check out Compassion international.

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