“When my friends are running, I can’t follow them. The first thing I want to do after surgery is RUN!” – Hopsu

I met Hopsu an hour before her surgery. Her magnetic smile lit up the children’s ward, and when I asked if she was scared she said, “No, I am excited!”

I told her I would be in the operating room during her surgery and when it was all done, I wanted to see an even bigger smile if that was possible.

Admittedly, I had gotten queasy in the operating room earlier during another surgery, and I was nervous about going back for such an invasive procedure.

Her leg had to be broken and bone removed to straighten it, but I promised Hopsu I would be there, and I was not going to go back on that promise. After all, she was the one really doing the hard work.

I stayed through all the hammering and chiseling that I thought was going to make me ill, but instead I found my uneasiness was replaced with joy, because I was so excited for Hopsu.

I knew what this surgery meant for her life! Hopsu’s experience is a great metaphor for life. Sometimes life hurts before it gets better. That was going to be the story for this little girl who now cannot only smile, but will soon be able to smile as she runs with her friends.

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